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Hassan Claussen

CEO, HanseCom Media & Communication

Dr. João Pedro Gouveia

Senior Researcher, FCT/NOVA

LISTEN TO THE Event Speakers

Jorge Vasconcelos

Chairman of NEWES, New Energy Solutions

Teresa Ponce de Leao

President LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia

Hassan Claussen

CEO, HanseCom Media & Communication

Guy Redmill

Managing Director, Redmill Marketing Associates

Zoe McLeod

Policy Director, Sustainability First

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida

Managing Director, RdA Climate Solutions

Luis Seca

Senior Researcher, INESC TEC

Dr. João Pedro Gouveia

Senior Researcher, FCT/NOVA

Uroš Salobir

Director of the Strategic Innovation Department ELES

Judith Nuñez Salgado

Head of Iberian market Mytilineos

João Manso Neto

CEO, Greenvolt

Mark Ossel

Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance

Paulo Preto dos Santos

General Director, Dourogás Natural

Nuno Lacasta

CEO, APA - the Portuguese Environment Agency

Marcella Franchi

CMO, Haffner Energy

Jose Queirós de Almeida

CEO of Energia Unida

Onyeche Tifase

VP Strategy, Technology & Innovation, Industrial Applications Division at Siemens Energy

Bruno Nunes

Head of Studies and European Affairs

Rui Costa Neto

Professor: Energy Management, Bioenergies, Biophysics, Nanotechnologies @ Faculty Of Engineering, Universidade Lusófona

Bruno Faustino

Hydrogen Business Unit Manager, PRF

Inês Folgado Diogo

Director of Environment & Sustainability, Madoqua Ventures

Jérémie Bougé

Corporate Innovation for Digital Services, Siemens Energy

Luis Roby

Board Member, Grupo ERRE

Bruno Veloso


Miguel Oliveira

Technical Director, ETRA Portugal

Bruno Marques

Associate Partner, Deloitte

Inês Costa

Associate Partner, Deloitte

Bruno Veloso


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